Maegan has always been a good child.  She listens, she follows instructions.  She is happy, and loves life.  We have never had any issues with Maegan what so ever…

Until now.

Or rather, I am the one having issues.  Apparently she is still an angel for Mike, but that is besides the point.

I just don’t know what to do.  Over the last few weeks I have noticed Maegan becoming more, and more defiant.  It doesn’t matter what it is, or what it is about.  She just does not want to listen to me, or even acknowledge the fact I have spoken to her.   The only way I can get her to “hear” me is to hold her by her shoulders and make her look me in the face.  I will repeat myself, again.  And I will ask her if she heard me.  She will then answer, “I heard you the first 5 times. Stop talking to me.”  Really!

I know this is her just being a 4-year old.  Right?  Or do I have a really problem?

I just don’t know anymore.  I know there are a lot of stresses in our lives right now.  So I am thinking that maybe she is feeding off of the vibes around the house.  But this is getting out of control.  It is getting to the point where I don’t want to leave the house with her for fear she will openly defy me, and I will lose my cool.  I thought I had another 12 years before I had to deal with this behavior.

You know that saying, too many cooks spoil the soup?  Well I think the saying in this instance would be, too many adults(parents) spoil the child.

I love my parents.  I love the fact that Maegan has had the first 4 years of her life living with her grandparents… but I think it is time to move on.  I think that maybe the major problem may be the fact that she knows that she can bypass me and go straight to my mother, or if that doesn’t  work, straight to my father and she will get what she wants.  My father is the biggest enabler of Maegan’s attitude problem.  He gives in to her every whim, and command.

Sometimes I feel guilty telling him to lay off… or telling him to stop talking to her.  But other times, I get so frustrated because he under minds my parenting.  I know it isn’t on purpose.  But sometimes it feels like it is.

Ok… I am going to end my rant now before it gets out of control.


Sooo I pretty much have nothing right now.  Over the last year we have been trying very much to buy a home.  We don’t want a house, we want a home.  Somewhere for Maegan to grow up in, someplace she can feel safe, and secure.  Somewhere to have more children.

Well we thought we found that house.  We visited the house twice, and did all of our homework on the town, and the school systems.  I even did my homework about transferring, and finding which store would be a better fit.

Well, it was all for nothing.  They didn’t except our offer, they excepted the other one they received.

I know this could happen.  I knew this could happen.  But it still didn’t make it easy to hear the words “we didn’t get the house”.  I cried.  Then I had to explain to Maegan why I was crying.  So I started to laugh to make it seem like it wasn’t a big deal.  I explained to her that she wouldn’t be getting her Tinker Bell bedroom right now.  And that mommy and daddy have to find us another house.  I know it sounds silly to be explaining this to a 4-year old.

I dunno.  I guess we are back to square one.  I just hope we find something else that we love just as much!

So it has been next to forever since I have updated this blog.  I’ve tried to keep up with it, but what can I say?!  I leading an extremely busy, glamorous life as a mother/wife/pharmacy technician/protector/cook/ well you get the point.

So instead of telling you about EVERYTHING that has happened since the last blog, why not a photo montage to check you up to speed?

So I have been slacking off, big time!  I have not kept up with my posts on FitDay, nor have I been doing my daily exercising, or blogs.  *Sigh*  So here is the start to a new week.  I am going to make sure that I keep up with this blog, as well as my fitday.

Speaking of fitday… I am scared to weigh myself.  I was soo naughty this week.  We ate Chilis for dinner Wednesday night after I got home from a wake.  Then I ordered Chili’s to go with a friend Friday while at work.  I went out for a beer Friday after work at Chili’s.  Saturday, I ordered a Greek Salad with grilled chicken, and after we went to… you guessed it… Chili’s.  I had Texas Cheese Fries and two beers.

This week I NEED to stay on top of things.  I’m not too worried about looked great this summer, I just want to be perfect for the wedding and our honeymoon!

Is it perfectly normal to be completely obsessioned with something?  I mean to say, it is alright to be so engrossed with one topic that it takes over your every waking moment, and even your dreams?

Oh my… do I hate the treadmill.  We resurrected the treadmill out of hibernation last week, and I hate it.  Honestly, I suck at working out at home.  I seem to do a better job when I am actually paying a club to go there and use their equipment.

But I do use the treadmill here.  I have been using it for about a week, and feel great.  I am picking up a few DVD’s, and a balance ball this weekend at work.  Hopefully if I have more of a variety, I can start seeing more of an improvement.

Plus, with my new position at work, I am lifting heavy boxes, and pushing heavy flats, not to mention running around like a chicken with their head chopped off when I GSA.  So all that helps too.  I just really really hope to lose enough weight to fit into my wedding dress the way I want to.

I have got to tell you that I freaking hate negative, pessimistic people!  I do not understand how some people can go around life thinking so negatively about things, and are still alive and kicking.

Tonight at work was particularly difficult.

First let me say, that I love my job.  I love working for Target, and I love the people I work with.  I recently made a change.  I am no longer working Assets Protection.  I am in need of more hours, and unfortunately, I couldn’t have more hours with AP because they are on a strict budget.  The Front-end (ie checklanes, guest services, etc) was happy to take me back.

I should also preface this with, not all team members feel this way.  Its only a small minority.  In actuality the majority of team members love the front-end, and all that we do. (Thanks Ross, and the rest of you).

Back to tonight…  I guess it was about time for what Target calls a “Chat Session”.  And from what I heard from various people was that certain departments think that the front check-lanes don’t do anything… they don’t help out on the floor, etc.  Well obviously, this upset a few people.  I guess you would have to work here/there to know what I am talking about.  But the cashiers are responsible for keeping the check-lanes, Dollar Spot, and the other cart well perfect, all while checking out the guests in a fast, fun, and friendly manor.  There is hardly anytime for chit-chat or any down time to just hang around.

But some feel that isn’t enough.  Apparently they are supposed to do more.  But I can’t tell you how many times, as AP, while doing my walks of the sales floor, I would see team members just standing around talking, and joking around, ignoring their duties and more importantly guests.

So they are expecting the cashiers, and the rest of the front end to pick up their slack and clean up what they neglected.

I don’t feel that is right.   I feel that if they are working hard, and they are able to accomplish their tasks within their scheduled shift, they should be going home when they are scheduled to.  And not when everyone else does because those people don’t know how to work productively.

Some people should not be allowed to work with the public.  They should be locked in little rooms with nothing but a stack of paperwork, and a pencil.

Ok… that is the end of my rant for now.

This is going to be a quickie… I have to get ready for work.

As much as I LOVE wedding planning, and all the crazy stuff that goes along with it… I am getting a bit sick and tired of all the freaking spam-like emails I receive.

I mean, seriously.

I have signed up for The Knot, and New England Brides.  Both are online wedding resource sites, and are a ton of fun.  We have gone to two Bridal Expos thrown by two different companies.  And all four of them are giving out my information like its going out of style.  I don’t mind informative emails, but not from DJ’s or Photographers selling themselves to me.

I am polite.  I email them back, decline their offers saying I appreciate their time, but we already have a DJ and photographer, and THEY STILL SPAM ME!!!  WTF!!!!

Ok.  I am done with my rant.  Work time.

So the man and I have been going full force with the wedding plans.  We have been checking out countless reception sites, as well as photographers.  We knew the DJ would be easy because a close friend of ours is in a band.  They also DJ if you don’t want an entire band for your wedding.

The DJ’s we are going with are absolutely awesome!  We went and saw them Saturday at The Jockey Club in Raynham were they DJ every Thurs, Fri, and Sat. night.  They put on a fantastic show, and have a great sense of what to play depending on the crowd.  Shane and Brandon Violette are amazing.  They love their work, and take great pride in what they do.  We can not wait to have them at the wedding.

Welcome to my crazy life! I used to have a blog, a long time ago. But once we had our daughter, I had no time to write, and update everyone. Now that our daughter is 2 years old, I now have more time to do what I love… write, read, and take time for myself.

This blog is not only for me to vent, but it is also a way for all of you to follow our crazy journey of planning a wedding, and my never-ending quest to lose the last 20 pounds from being pregnant! Woohoo! Fun stuff for all! hehe.